ANTHOLOGY SUBMISSIONS CLOSED. Due to changes in p.o.d. technology services, HCP will not be publishing an Extra MoJo! print anthology in 2019. The quality of the first two anthologies is being prioritized over rushing to publish additional issues. (Extra MoJo #1 is being revised. Then #2 will be revised….)



[Note on policy change: There is a $20 reading fee for unsolicited manuscripts.]

General Manuscript Submission Guidelines

Writers:  HCP is totally biased in favor of connection, a very individual perspective, whether as a memoir or as autobiographical poetry.  In other words, get personal. Writing about your trip to Arizona is far more interesting than writing about your recurring dreams of visiting Japan.

Send a short e-mail cover letter, just a paragraph or two, summarizing your future book’s theme, style, message, etc.  A longer, formal book proposal is neither necessary nor desired.  Let your work speak for itself.  Pay the fee on PayPal and attach a Word document of the entire manuscript to your e-mail cover letter.*

Social commentary within a memoir is wonderful, but it must be within the context of telling a personal story.  No journalistic distance pieces or fiction will be considered.

*You may also opt to mail the manuscript with a US postal money order.


Visual artists are encouraged  to submit their work for future book covers.  Payment at this time is a contributor’s copy of the final book and free publicity.  All artwork must contain the image of a Black woman (or girl) or of Black women, reflecting us in a positive light.  A bio is not required unless your cover is selected.  Query first, with a link to your website if you have one; unsolicited attachments will not be opened.  Do not send a resume of any type.  

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